Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Discount Grocery Stores

Here's a list of discount grocery stores in Missouri, listed by city. If you're looking to save money on groceries with only slight defects in packaging then one of these might be the place to go.

There used to be what we called the "dented can" store on Hwy 100 between Gray Summit and Manchester but I don't think that place is still in business. You may want to call ahead to be sure that these places are still open.

I'm thinking of possibly hitting the one in Rolla with my Mom sometime just to see what they have and stock up on some canned items. Also with all of our trips to Columbia, I'm wondering if there are any on the way to or from there.

P G’s Salvage & Surplus Grocery, 300 North Jefferson, Ph 417-683-5654

Birch Tree
Beavers Salvage Grocery, Highway 60 West, Ph 573-292-3664

Shetler’s Discount Grocery, 200 Industrial Park, 417-962-2251

Terry’s Country Store (and Bulk Foods), 4646 Audrain Road, Ph 573-819-2730

Fair Grove
K & M Grocery, 701 Red Top Road, Ph 417-759-9024

Second Chance Market, RR 2 Box 142-En, Ph 573-593-4542

Taney County Damaged Freight & Grocery Outlet, 184 Industrial Park Rd, Ph 417-335-4056

Stilley Discount, 1591D North Highway 63, Ph 417-967-0253

Mill Street Market-Discount Grocery, 508 W. Mill, Ph 417-754-8787

Lane’s Salvage Groceries, 1227 Old Cape Road, Ph 573-243-1805

Hutch Brothers Outlet, 208 West Auberry Grove, Ph 660-684-6324

Mountain Grove
The Discount Grocery, 6893 Outer Rd., Ph 417-746-4233

Dent N Save, 23146 US Highway 61, Ph573-262-2345

Janet’s Salvage Grocery, Junction 34 & 49, Ph 573-223-7420

I-44 Surplus Discount Grocery, Exit 189, 11101 Old Highway 66, Ph 573-364-6006

Carolyn’s Discount Grocery, 300 South Main St., Ph 573-729-2946

65 Discount, Inc., 5150 S Limit Avenue, Ph 660-826-9242

St. James
J & J Distributors Salvage & Surplus, 138 West Washington Street, Ph 573-265-6084

St. Louis
Cherrick Distribution, 4215 Clayton Avenue Ph 314-652-3636
Friedman RR Salvage Warehouse, 5149 Mlk Drive, Ph 314-367-5464

Lane Salvage Groceries, 105 Holmes Rd, Ph 417-264-7997
Martin Salvage Grocery, Nettleton Road (Route 3 Box 3030) Ph 417-264-7699

West Plains
Corner Salvage Grocery, 1026 Saint Louis St., Ph 417-255-9188

Ken’s Good Stuff Store, 303 Ash St, Ph 573-325-4437

Also, check out this post on Get Rich Slowly which talks about the concept of a grocery price book. Something I too just read about in The Complete Tightwad Gazette....thanks to the Lampe's for the book loan! I ll need to check the iphone app store and see if someone has come up with an "App For That"!

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