Saturday, August 08, 2009


Well...Linus's blood results have taken a downward turn. I've never
seen people try so hard to help an animal. They are at a loss as to
why he gains ground then loses it. They're not giving up but we've
instituted a DNR. There is only so much we feel we can put him through.

Now his blood sugar is high so they're giving him insulin. Plus
Oxyglobin to boost the O2 transport in his blood. Plus more fluids.
They've pulled fluid from his abdomen but it keeps filling back up.
They think it may be pancreatis so he'll be getting some pain meds too.

We'll visit him in the morning. We've accepted the possibility that
this may be our last visit. What sucks is that he is so alert it's
just his body that is failing to overcome the immune response.

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Anonymous said...

This has me sitting here and crying all over again. He looks so sad.I just want to hug him and tell him it will be okay.
Love and prayers,