Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday - Day 11 *updated*

Lorie called this morning and said Linus finished the albumin and so far so good. It could take 24 hours for the edema to resolve. Dr. Selting had him up and out of his cage this morning, going outside and then walking him through the halls. Lorie said he was greeting all the other dogs and when they got back to ICU he went to each of the other cages as if to say "hey, what are you in for?". She said she only has one case today so she'll have a lot of free time to walk him around and massage his extremities to help get the fluid moving. We're planning to go up on Friday afternoon and stay the weekend.

**3pm call from Lorie**
Lorie called with the same story, good news and bad news...

Linus's HCT is up to 20,000 and his platelets are up to 100,000. He's walking and interested in other dogs around the hospital. His neurological symptoms have resolved! Unfortunately, the fluid has moved into his lungs so he now has pneumonia! He had some labored breathing so they tapped his lungs and pulled out the fluid to give him some relief. He's on nebulization every 4 hours and they've lowered his regular fluids via IV and added two antibiotics. They are running another kidney profile and may end up infusing him with another dose of albumin. When will this dog catch a break?!!?

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