Monday, August 10, 2009


Just chillin at home and unpacking. Smothering Baby dog with love and treats. Thanks to all who sent their support and condolences. A wise woman recently summed it all up by saying "it sucks"...too true.

Everywhere we look is a memory...
Remember when Linus chased his toy down the hall? Or how he would roll on his back and squirm like a puppy? How he would follow us with his eyes? Or how excited he got at walk time?

I like to think that every "hole" created in our hearts simply heals into a stronger spot so that we may love that much more next time. Of course right now that sounds like mooshy hooey from a Hallmark card writer, but it works for me.

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Anonymous said...

The old saying "love hurts" is never truer than with the loss of a pet.Our hurts and memories will make us stronger and more loving and caring for the poor animals of this earth, that are mis-treated by people and we all know them, or have seen these people. But know that your special love for dear Linus, will live on in your heart always and after the sorrow, a smile will come every so often with his memory. Yes my dears, "it Sucks".My love and prayers are with you, and I know the pain and sorrow, but the memories will keep us going.
Love you both,