Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on Linus...

So I just spoke with the Veterinarian who performed Linus's surgery today. Apparently it was not an abscess on his gum, but a tumor of some sort. He removed it as well as that tooth because the tumor had grown through and above the tooth into the interior of his mouth.

He recommended sending off the tumor to a Pathologist so he can identify the type of tumor. He said it is either a benign Epuli or malignant Squamous Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer). Both of which can return, but obviously the malignant type would be most worrisome as it can spread quite quickly

Of course, I googled both.

The only treatment for the malignant option would be removal of surrounding jaw bone and tissue then testing to insure the margins are clean. Radiation is not effective in this type.

Treatment for the Epulis is similar, removal of surrounding teeth, tissue and bone along with radiation is recommended.

I'm not sure what the turnaround time is for the pathology, I will find out when I pick him up.

So....while I'm sure the surgery will leave Linus feeling better once he heals up I'm concerned about what this is and what we will need to do for him. For 13 years old he still has so much energy and spunk, granted his endurance is not what it was but he still loves to chase his squeaky toy, go for walks, and ride in the car.

I'm not one to borrow trouble so I won't spend too much time worrying....yeah right!


The results of the histopathology report should be back within a week.

Linus has spent the evening somewhat groggy and not quite himself. He keeps nodding off with his head held up, then startles himself when he realizes he fell asleep. He did eat some soft food and has been drinking water.

I took Baby for a walk/run and Linus was with it enough to stare at the door after we left...so he's a bit bummed about missing a walk but I didn't think the heat or activity would be good for him just yet.

Hopefully a full night's rest will help get him back to his old self!

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Ann said...

My fingers are crossed that the tumor is benign. Please keep us updated on your sweet guy.