Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 13 year old pup!

IMG_0476f - Linus
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Today I dropped Linus off at the vet's office for a checkup, shots, and to have an abscessed tooth removed. This will be his 4th tooth to be removed! Do they make doggy dentures? At this rate he may need them!

He was so excited to go for a car ride, that I felt bad ending up at the vet's office. I hope they take good care of him!

So how many of you have nicknames for your animals? I mean my dog's name is Linus, but we call him everything from Linusocilies Triangle, Linosaurus Rex, L-dog, Play-dog, Furry F%$*, Fur-o-saurus and so on.

Our other dog, Baby, is also known as Baby-Saurus, Baby-Saurus-Rex, Needy-girl, Baby-girl, Girly-girl, Tasmania-DevilDog, LabRatTerrier, Baby-pup and so on.

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