Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Debt Free?

So, as I've mentioned before one of my favorite financial blog sites is Simple Dollar. I've been reading it for over a year now and through that site I've found a few other notable personal finance blogs. One of which is called No Credit Needed - Debt Reduction Rocks.

Since we've made it our goal to become less debt laden (dare we say debt free?) we've taken steps to pay off our auto debt early and just recently wiped out the last of our credit card debt. We've established an emergency fund and began saving in earnest for specific goals (new car for DH, etc.)

I know some of my blog readers may be wrestling with the same financial demons that we have had to deal with so here's a link to some basic steps to take if you're trying to get out of debt:

We have a few more goals in mind as well like maxing out our retirement savings options as well as setting up a vacation fund. I think it's important to make saving for the fun stuff a part of your financial plan!

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Anonymous said...

This site is awesome. I do not use credit cards now and am paying off as much debt as I can. Then I will start saving for emergencies and socking what ever I can into retiement. Hope to retire by age 67, with no debt and car paid off and no credit card debt either. Will keep you posted.