Thursday, June 18, 2009

I can relate...

I just read this post on The Simple Dollar blog.

I say I can relate due to many reasons:

#1 I've been under a ton of debt before and it sucks the life out of you.
#2 I've felt aimless and goal-less at times.
#3 I've thought about goals and not moved in any direction to obtain them.
#4 I've sought out joy in joyless tasks.

Lately though, I've realized that I am finally feeling more positive, more calm.

#1 We're making progress toward our (attainable) goal of eliminating debt.
#2 I feel that I'm closer to identifying my true goals and I'm taking steps (even small ones count) toward those goals; writing on the blog more, exercising, etc.
#3 I'm able to include happy tasks into my life; walking the dogs, cooking a meal, etc. and enjoy them instead of viewing them as chores.

I think the point of Trent's post is to show that if you aimlessly muddle through life then nothing you want will ever get done, nothing will be meaningful and you'll just wonder why. However, if you CHOSE to make a change then you can change your life. One small change may be all that it takes.

We had a class in college called Managerial Readings, and in that class we covered a book called The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. One of the most personally empowering things I learned from that book was to simply ASK for what you want. You can't assume that people will step up and give you what you need. How do they even know? Are they psychic? I can personally attest that this simple tool worked for me. I simply asked for something at work and it happened with minimal effort, cajoling, etc.

I CHOSE to ASK. That, quite simply, made all the difference. Just one small change in the way I approached the situation was all that it took.

What change can you make today?

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