Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spend less than you make...DUH!

Okay, so keeping in the theme of interspersing this blog with financial tidbits here's another one. I found this link on Simple Dollar (again) but this time it is to another financial blog called Saving for Serenity. This article is called Spend Less than you Earn and at first I was thinking, well duh! Then I considered it a bit more and after reading the article it is not just about the simple act of not spending all of your money it is truly about being conscious to the fact that every thing you do IS A CHOICE. We choose to overspend or we choose to save. We choose to buy a new car or we choose to repair our old one. We (and by we I mean YOU) have the power to make better financial decisions. The big question is why don't we always do so?

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