Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thyroid Awareness Month

Ironically...January is Thyroid Awareness Month so here's a PSA about it featuring model Kim Alexis, who was diagnosed hypothyroid several years ago.

Mary Shomon (patient advocate) has a Thyroid Awareness Month Kickoff page on Check out the link for information on her Check Your Neck, Change Your Life Campaign.

It's estimated that there are 60 million Americans suffering from thyroid disease, a majority of which are undiagnosed. Getting your thyroid checked is simple so ask your doctor about it. It could change your life!

I just finished reading a copy of the Thyroid Awareness Edition of Power Of Prevention, The Magazine. You can find it here. I have to say it is an excellent source of concise information on thyroid disease and a must read for anyone dealing with the issue or anyone who just wants to better understand the impact that the thyroid gland has on the body.

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