Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Specs...

I ordered new glasses today from Lenscrafters. Unfortunately my astigmatism is so bad now that the lenses are special much for "glasses in about an hour". Since my issues with my thyroid medication being halted and restarted for the RAIU test, I've had to resort to wearing glasses and give up the contacts.

The thyroid hormone apparently has some sort of interaction with the tissues of the eye and eyelid. During my hormone hiatus, my eyelids swelled quite a bit, especially on my left eye. Additionally, both my eyes watered constantly and became photosensitive. It was impossible to wear contacts during this time.

I do hope to get back to wearing contacts again but rather than fight it, I'm embracing the change and getting some cool glasses.

I ordered two pair, one for "work" and one for "fun":