Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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How many people do you personally know who have thyroid issues?

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sharon cunningham said...

Why are you asking about thyroid health? Misery loves company? :)

It is actually my business to get a grip on the thyroid health market. It is very interesting how little consumers/patients as well as their docs know about the importance of this gland and what affects it. www.aace.com has best info on thyroid health. Best thing a consumer can do is to canvass the family to see if there is a parent with thyroid diease. If that is the case, there is a 50%chance that you will experience thyroid dysfunction. Also, always ask your doc what is your TSH level. The usual answer is "normal". Insist on a number as you can use it as a baseline as you age. Thyroid hormones control the use of oxygen in every cell in the body.

Good health begins 6 inches below the chin!(tm)

Sharon Cunningham