Monday, February 09, 2009

Groundhog - DH's photo

Here is DH's photo of the groundhog...much clearer than my iPhone pic.

So here's the deal, we were driving home from dinner Friday night and as I drove through town I saw something move between a couple of parked cars across from the White Rose Cafe. I quickly pulled over and my headlights picked up this little guy. I ended up parking the car and stepping out to take a few iPhone pics...he came so close to me!

Then he wandered up a bit and I followed him on foot. He got scared and ran across the street and was right in front of the White Rose when a guy came out! The groundhog scurried under a parked truck that the guy got into and started driving away nearly hitting the groundhog.

I then headed back across the street and herded him back over to the other side, and back in the headlights so DH could get a photo. Thank goodness there were no cops driving through at that point! (Hey crazy lady, what are you doing in the street?!)

The groundhog was smaller than some I've seen in our back yard so I guess he was young. He seemed a bit confused (even before I started stalking him) but was just adorable. I wanted to snuggle him, but then I had this vision of going to the E.R., getting rabies shots, and then having to quarantine or worse, chop off this little guys head for rabies testing and I decided it would be best to just admire him from afar!

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Kevin Dziejma said...

Look at his eyes squinty. hes holding himself up on the curd and he is standing in the gutter! Hes DRUNK! probaly on his way home from the bar when so crazy lady started chasing him with a Iphone! NO means NO lady!!!!