Friday, February 01, 2008

Promises, Promises...

So my commitment to post once a week is not working out so well.

Regardless, I'm pushing on and posting what and when I can.

LacubriousToo and I are immersed in our classes. I'm taking an online class in freelance magazine writing, and work has been crazy busy lately. So with all of that we are left with little free time.

That's not saying we are all work and no play. We've managed a couple of dinners out with friends or family. And we've worked our way through our wine stash. I see a trip to Luka's Liquor in our future!

We also have a social event tomorrow night with the entire LacubriousCrew - bowling and what-not. So that will be a welcome break from work.

and IT'S FRIDAY!!!

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