Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tranquility Point is amazing!

Day .5: Got here around 6:00pm EST. Unloaded the car. Checked out the cabin...AMAZING! DH said it's the nicest place he has ever stayed! This place has everything! Unpacked. Freshened up. Got the Baby settled. Made a grocery list. Went shopping. Came back & made some food. Chilled. Got in the hot tub. Heaven. Got out of hot tub...slowly. Changed clothes. Chilled with some tunes in the living room. They have an iPod dock compatible stereo! Awesome. Read a book. DH took some cabin pics. DECOMPRESSION in progress...

Day 1.5: It is truly peaceful here. Woke up early to the sunrise. Took care of Baby. Snoozed. Got up and made breakfast. Took a nap. Woke up to rain. Took Baby out. Checked out all the area brochures we found in the coffee table. Thought about another nap after all that work. Considered having lunch. Thought about getting in the hot tub...all in all, perfectly peaceful so far!

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Big Ez said...

sounds like a peaceful paradise. Enjoy the decompression, and the peace.