Sunday, June 13, 2010

Smoky Mountains Sugarland Trail


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After hitting what we thought was the right trail and dead ending at the Park Ranger HQ, DH and I hit the one ADA "trail" at the Smoky Mountain National Park. It was called the Sugarlands Nature Trail. It was a one half mile loop of sidewalk through the forest with a stream/river running along part of the path. I took the video below with my iPhone as I was "off trail" down near the river taking pictures of some butterflies. Check it out!

Saw lots of these guys around!

Originally uploaded by Lacubrious-One

So disappointed over having to miss the Roaring Fork Drive AND Clingman's Dome due to ROAD MAINTENANCE!!! Arg...everywhere we go on vacation seems to be under construction or maintenance. We will try to hit Laurel Falls tomorrow. It's not ADA but it is supposed to be paved and just 1.3 miles.

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