Tuesday, December 02, 2008


We had a nice Thanksgiving this year...tried to plan ahead to ward off the craziness.

DH and I have both been sick so I put off any shopping until the Tuesday night before, ran out and picked up everything I needed, then came home and proceeded to make broccoli rice casserole and a cheesecake with strawberry swirl.

On Wednesday night I had to bowl league, plus it was pre-Turkey Day happy hour so I kicked back a couple of drinks with the girls before calling it a night. Had a bit of a scare with Grandma getting a ride to the E.R. then back again, all okay there.

Thursday morning I got up, packed up the wine, took the dogs for a nice walk, then got ready to head over to my Aunt's and Uncle's place to meet everyone for dinner. Deep fried turkey this year, it was TASTY! Actually everything was good. Finished off the wine along with dessert. Mom's apple pie and pumpkin pie, Holly's birthday cupcakes, and cheesecake.

Then we vegged in front of the TV until 7-ish and then rolled home.

DH and I picked up a redbox movie (Get Smart) and went home to watch it.

On Friday we got up and headed to Williamsburg to see DH's Mom and Brother and have ANOTHER meal. All good there.....got to see Doug and Joyce's little dog Jocko. So Cute!

On Saturday, we went to Lowe's to pick up some stuff then DH convinced me to go bowl a few. My heart wasn't in it so the results were poor, but at least I got some practice in.

On Sunday, we met my Bro at the bowling alley for our every other week bowling bonding time. I kicked his butt...amazingly enough breaking 100 on all three games. Wish I could do that on league night!!!

After that DH and I went to see Quantum of Solace...then headed out for some Mexican food. That's when it really got crazy and we called the Weber's out for a little happy hour, which turned into a happy hours and concluded with ANOTHER bowling match, just 2 games a piece and a couple of drinks. Good thing I had Monday off from work! Whew!

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