Monday, December 22, 2008

Help Support the Franklin County Humane Society

Here's a copy of an email that a friend sent me today, please help with this cause. It only takes a few moments to get signed up!

Hey, all!

Consider joining the following website to vote for the Franklin County Humane Society to win a million dollar makeover. This is where we adopted Bog from, so of course it is close to our heart! :-)

When you head to the site, there is a link by a red heart called "Help Your Shelter Win a Makeover!" and you sign up and then confirm your subscription. This automatically gets the shelter 50 points. You can do additional stuff to get more points! Even the top 20 shelters get $5,000. There was an article in the paper that stated that our shelter was at #37 - but when I registered, they were up to #35! :-)

Feel free to spread the word!

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