Sunday, August 21, 2005

Live from Erato Wine Bar!!!

So HOW COOL IS IT to be surfing on my new wireless Axim PDA and listening
to Javier and enjoying a beer with good friends? AWESOME!!!!!

We enjoyed a yummy meal at Mangia, an italian place here on S. Grand Ave.
Then headed down the street to Erato to listen to Javier's Acoustic set.
We're celebrating Mr.Lacubrious's b-day weekend! Erato is a pretty nice
wine/beer/dessert bar. Javier sounds pretty good. The acoustics are not too
great, plus we had to sit in the back, but all in all, very pleasant. Even
though the guys ordered a hefe-weizen that was too clovie, so
Mrs.Lacubrious traded her Newcastle and drank their rejects!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Lacubrious. Just think, it was just 15 short years ago........