Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chicago - Day Two - Continued...

Onward - post Goose Island...

  • Gave $5 to some woman who was $4.83 short to get her towed vehicle back.
  • Browsed the Crate & Barrel Outlet.
  • Wished we had a video of MrLacubrious in the wheelchair lift...too funny!
  • "Bite my ass."
  • Drove back to the Hotel, via Roosevelt Ave.
  • "I know this town like the back of my hand..."
  • "You're talking out the ass you want bit!"
  • Nap time & re-energize
  • Coyotes Mexican Grill
  • Gin & Tonics
  • Cicadas!!!


Does NOT equal this...

MrLacubrious, you are our hero...


LacubriousMrJonez said...

All I can say is Mr. Cicada knows the bottom of Mrs. LacubriousJonez' sandal like the back of LacubriousTwo's hand! A toast of gin and tonic for the innocent bystanders!

Anonymous said...

Sitting at my desk laughing my a-- off ...this is just to funny!