Friday, September 23, 2011

Now what???? just had her 3-ish month ACTH re- test on Wednesday.

Post ACTH cortisol was 5.5


Her ALP was elevated again to 2100 had been down to 600+ and she tested as Anemic at a 33 when normal range is 36-60.

Symptomatically she's doing fine...but the vet wants to do another ultrasound and possibly biopsy her liver since the last aspiration in March showed some abnormal cells, not cancer at the time but not normal either. She called it hepatic modular hyperplasia and it is seen in senior dogs often as part of the aging process.

Anyhow, she said it isn't urgent but it bears checking out.

Not exactly the results I expected.

Other than Cushing's and some minor cataracts, and whatever this could be, Baby is healthy and happy. We even went to obedience class for fun this week and to Petsmart which we have NEVER done and she was just awesome. Now I'm dreading the next phase...another dog with cancer would be devastating, but it is what it is.


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