Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Never a dull moment...

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We had to take "Baby" to the vet for 6 stitches (2 wounds) after a dog fight...with Ivy!!! Food is such an issue with these two, it's crazy. We are managing it with some additional vigilance and more pack leaderism. It's been fine since then.

I was planning Baby's Geriatric Dog checkup for next month but took this opportunity to ask the Vet about her little pot belly and he said it was probably fluid but would do xrays and bloodwork while she was sedated. The Xrays showed an enlarged liver but all other organs looked good. She also has a sewing needle in her stomach!!! I'm no seamstress so I can't figure that out. He was not too concerned with that because the liver problem needs top priority. He also diagnosed an ear infection, so she's on otic antibiotic for a few days.

Abnormal Blood Tests were as follows:

NE K/ul 14.76 (mildly elevated) Range: 2.0 - 12.8
LY K/ul 0.36 (moderately low) Range 0.6 - 5.8

NE% 94.14 H Range 50.0 - 80.0
LY% 2.29 L Range 12.0 - 30.0

ALB 4.5 Range 2.5-4.4
ALP>2400 Range 20-150 (OMG!!!!)
ALT 268 Range 10-118
GLU 126 Range 60-110

She also appears very thin, hip bones and spine are visible, but has actually gained 4 lbs over the last 5 months. She weighs 44 lbs. We weren't sure if we were just comparing her to Ivy (chunky monkey) or if there has been actual muscle loss.

We estimate that she drinks about 60-70 ounces of water per day which is somewhat excessive, plus on walks she urinates multiple times, this started about 2 years ago. She also had accidents in the house beginning 2 years ago, so we went thru urine testing, treated with antibiotics whihc resolved the bacteria but there was no real change in her urination. Also treated with DES thinking it was female bladder issues. No change, so we stopped hormones. Using puppy pads while we are gone and confining her to the kitchen!

Her urine also tested high for PH (10) and I was advised to alternate between vitamin C and another product (can't remember the name). I bought test strips and it appears that her urine is in the normal ph range. So treatment was discontinued. She's also developed a really dry, rough nose that I have treated with vitamin E.

I am taking her to a specialist next week for a review of the liver findings. Ultrasound for sure. I am wondering if Cushing's fits, though I know they would have to do extensive testing.

My GP Vet basically just handed me a pamplet for the specialists and I've been combing the web for answers until her appointment.

Poor Baby, she's had a rough patch here lately. Hope we can resolve the liver issues with not too much aggravation for her. All she wants is a cuddle buddy!

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emancipated woman said...

Poor Bany, getting old is tough, luckily she has great "parent" who care so much about her. Love ya baby girl.