Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Jacked

Well, I made the a new, heavier ball! After bowling with my 12# Hammer Psycho for nearly a year, I was beginning to notice some deflection and decided with the help of LacubriousToo to move up to a 14# ball. I was happy with the Psycho but thought it would be lame to get the same ball (just heavier) so we looked at what was available and the Jacked was it. So I ordered the 14# and LacubriousToo ordered a 15#, both with fingertip grips! Yep, you heard right, LacubriousToo is moving to a fingtip to improve the rotation and reaction. He's really happy with it!

We had a pretty good lesson with the Pro shop guy, who also fitted and drilled our balls. He gave me some suggestions for improving my approach, which I am still trying to get implemented. Change is so hard! Plus, I'm not all about the sports so the whole muscle memory thing takes a while with me. I had a good practice session but totally freaked when I tried to use the ball in league on Wednesday. I managed to pull it out by the 3rd game, thank goodness. And we are still in 1st place!

LacubriousToo got some suggestions for his swing and release. He's an avid practicer and has bowled nearly every day since he got the new ball. I hope he doesn't overdo it.

We're going to try to get some practice time in this week and weekend so I can get my form back. We're looking forward to joining a summer league with some friends!

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