Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saint Mary's

Today we headed to Saint Mary's which is a seaside park in Bridgeport,
CT. Mom wanted to visit and spend some quiet time since her father's
ashes were spread here years ago. We enjoyed the beautiful morning
weather...sun, surf, and seagulls. I bet DH shot 200 pictures along
the park!


Ernie said...

Just a point of clarification: St. Mary's is not associated with Seaside Park. Seaside Park is in Bridgeport and is located near the UB campus. It is much bigger (and a lot more beach) than St. Mary’s which is just a sea wall in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. Black Rock is much nicer neighborhood IMHO. Next time you visit, we'll need to take you to Seaside Park so you can see the difference for yourself.

~KMH~ said...

I really meant to say "a seaside park" as a description and not a proper name.