Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hermann - After Show @ Tin Mill Brewing Company

JM's set list saved from the show! Really, its more of a guideline than a set list....Oh Reaaaallly?!?!?

So at the Tin Mill Brewing Company we tried the Pilsner (meh), the Hefeweizen (good), and the Dopplebock (good). Not much in the way of food, but the beer was cold and Mr. Lacubrious got to use their garage door (at the back) to get inside...a la...the handicapped accessible entrance!


Big Ez said...

did you steal it????? How is he supposed to remember what song to play??????


~KMH~ said...

Like he ever follows it anyway! Stop being jealous of our groupie-ness.

Also, yes, those are beer stains on it...a little post show imbibing at the local brewhouse.