Sunday, December 18, 2005

Final at Finale'

Saturday December 17, the Lacubrious Crew attended the last two shows of Javier Mendoza Band.

Here is the message Javi posted on his message board concerning the breakup of the band:

Jim, Moisés and David will be performing with me one last time at Finale in Clayton as a band. Come check it out! After this show I'll be performing with other musicians as well as David and Carl. Jim and Moisés are pursuing their other project full time. The JMB crew is parting, but I'll be performing solo, or with other musicians until I'm no longer in this world. Javier Mendoza is stronger than ever!

I am currently working on a brand new DVD and cd with new songs and in the summer I'll be going to Spain to work on a new CD. So keep on coming to shows and picking up my music, because without you I'd be doing something else!

Thanks as always for your continued support! You are the reason I'm still here! I'll see at upcoming shows in 2005 and 2006.

Having developed a rapport with Javi and the guys, and experiencing a great number of shows over the last year, we were very sad but not completely surprised when we heard the news. Over the last few JMB shows we noticed that attendance was starting to fall off and at the last Cicero's show, the opening band "Fundamental Elements" had a large group that did not stay for JMB. I think this show had a real effect on Javi. I don't think the attendance problem has anything to do with the band members, or their skills. I personally think that Javi's target market has been changing over the last couple of years and becoming more mature. Overwhelmingly the people purchasing tickets to Cicero's and Blueberry Hill are in their early to mid 20s (at least at the shows we have attended). This, in my opinion, is why Javi's solo and duo shows are doing so well at places like Erato Wine Bar.

That being said, ON TO FINALE'

We started the evening at our favorite pub Growlers, after a great dinner and a couple of outstanding beers, we headed to the Finale' restaurant and Music venue. We arrived about 7:00pm picked up our tickets (for both shows) and were promptly escorted to our table. The venue was beautiful, and the acoustics were better than any other venue we have visited!

First off I have to say that the shows were both INCREDIBLE! This evening was in the top 1% of JMB shows that I have experienced. Everyone seemed very relaxed and ready to play. At the end of the first set , which went by way too fast, we talked to Jim, Moisés, David, Julie and Andrea for a few minutes and moved to our new table for the second show. When we got settled in and ordered a drink, Javi dropped by the table to bring us a "surprise" CD of some of the early versions of his songs and a few unpublished tracks. Just before the set started we were joined by Steve Leslie and his girl friend Adrianne. Steve is also a very talented musician and singer /songwriter who had not heard JMB before.

Tom James took some great pictures of the show:

(Sorry, the pictures previously listed here are no longer available)

Towards the end of the set Javi dedicated the song "Join the Party"” to the Lacubrious Crew. After the show we introduced Steve to the band, talked to Javi for a few more minutes and headed home.

Goodbye JMB, you will be missed.

To Javi, may 2006 be your best year yet!!!!

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