Monday, March 14, 2005

High Strung on NPR?

Here's a link to a review of High Strung on NPR....NPR?!

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LacubriousToo said...

The "Critic" liked the band, and compared them to "The Romones". (I don't agree)

They sound about the same on the radio as they did at the Music Café. The good thing about the radio is that I have control of the volume!!!!!

In some cases louder is better, for example AC/DC. In this case louder makes a bad thing worse!!!!

They were not as bad as the other two bands, but still not what I like to listen to. I don’t “think” the guys were bad musicians, but they need a musical hook to go with their costume hook. Their music is like a monotone drone with no distinction, and not enough quiet spots. The base player looked like he knew what he was doing but his instrument was so mixed with the others that he could have stopped playing and no one would have noticed.